Comparison made for Shark Navigator NV501 vs Shark Navigator NV356E Review

How much do you save? What are the differences in key features?
Here are our answers. Enjoy!

If you buy new Shark Navigator NV501 for $249.99


Instead of buying new Shark Navigator NV356E for $199.99

You are paying more of $50 (25%)

Differences Shark Navigator NV501 Specs vs Shark Navigator NV356E Specs
For paying more of $50 (25%) You Get

ModelShark Navigator NV501Shark Navigator NV356E
Condition new new
Price $199.99 (See today's price)
Popularity Score 96

-81% Less
Review Score 92

5% More
Where to Buy Buy Shark Navigator NV501 at Buy Shark Navigator NV356E at

Same Specifications Shark Navigator NV501 vs Shark Navigator NV356E Both Have

More Specifications for Shark Navigator NV501

More Specifications For Shark Navigator NV356E

What people are saying about Shark Navigator NV501

– easy to clean up and so worth it

– There is a motor in the body and another that controls the roller brush

– While it collects hair very very well, it gets clogged up way too easily

– With the brush off, it picks up every bit of dust, dirt, animal hair, cat food, crumbs, etc

– Assembly was easy,a plus

– Again, someone usedtheir head when designing this feature

– Fistfulls of dust, fine particles and carpet fibers filled the canister

– it puts those $1200 kirby’s and rainbows to shame

– the Straight Suction Nozzle that comes along with this vacuum picks everything up even better

– Every nook and cranny

– Bar none, this is the best vacuum ever

– even with the discount

What people are saying about Shark Navigator NV356E

– Yes it is a bit top heavy and could fall over

– Outstanding dust and cleaning ability

– The Dyson’s roller bar gets clogged with hair frequently

– Removing the lift off canister is a breeze and again it is incredibly light

– Nothing in this review should be taken as a slam at the Rainbow

– don’t be afraid that it’s *too* narrow; it isn’t

– Be happy.- Easy to assemble.- Larger dust cup that empties easily and cleanly almost every time

– There is NO comparison

– After it pulls it down, the latches are no longer “Tight” because they don’t have enough tension to hold them in place

– Position 2 is for carpets.3

– After a year or so, the vacuum does not seem to work as well

– Or lack of flexibility

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